Harris is doing so much this summer!  He is growing tons in height and weight.  Last night he was 45 pounds.  He was so excited he wanted to call his grandpa in Wisconsin.  No answer so he left the best message!

He is also speaking very well!  He is answering some Who/What/When/Where/Why and How questions properly.  He is talking (understandably – is that even a word?) more and more and has even begun singing Keith Green songs!

Harris spent this summer going to the Salvation Army’s Summer Day Camp program and had a blast!  They went bowling, to an Air Zoo, to a museum, to a Kids Museum (hands on), to Old Country Buffet, Chuck E Cheese’s…  he really enjoyed making friends with the other boys and girls there.  They all seemed to really like him and he was able to play piano quite a bit for them all.

Today we went to a Scottish Festival and had a great time.  We saw Highland Cows and even a baby one, Clydesdale Horses, Sheep, Ducks, Border Collies, Carin Terriers, and one or two Scottish Terriers.  We also saw 5 Bagpipe and Drum bands!  He was so excited when the did the Mass Band gathering in the main viewing circle.  To have 5 bands of Bagpipes and Drums seem to be heaven to him.  If he’d had wings I think he would have been flying!

When we were getting ready to leave we met up with one bagpiper who took the time to show Harris his instrument and let us take pictures.  Then when we were almost to the gate a couple came running to us and gave us a business card for his bagpipe business and a 16 year old girl drummer spent time playing on a practice pad with Harris and was blown away by the way he could play the Scottish rhythms without ever having a lesson.  She was very sweet and showed him the proper way to hold the drum sticks for Scottish playing.