Harris is sooo Goal Oriented right now.  He is really wanting to play Animal Crossing on a Gamecube.  Unfortuanately we do not own one.  We will not go out and buy one either.  So now Harris is trying to work and earn money for a used system.  He has saved over $11.00 since Friday!  He has worked picking up sticks and weeds and he worked with his Papa Sunday clearing concrete and rocks from our front yard where we have done some work tearing down our front steps.  We are very proud of the work he is doing.

We are also using this as an opportunity to teach Harris about Tithing.  He has an envelope with the Tithe money in it and he and his Papa go over the spiritual reasons for tithing.  Harris and his mama have been working on math adding his total earned and subtracting from how much he needs.  See, God always makes a way if you look to teach your children about him!