Hope is here! 89Q

89Q Hope is here!

We stopped by the Wisconsin Christian Ministry Expo in Marshfield today. Of course Harris loves music. 89Q is one of his go to’s and he was very excited to see they had a booth. He had to get a picture next to their car on the way out.

Harris will be 18 by the end of the month. So what’s next for Harris? Intensive Harris Home School has been extremely helpful in his development and we will continue with that as long as he needs it. But he is still a long way off from his college dreams.

Harris Homeschool Dachshunds!

The past couple years he has been doing lawn care and snow removal. Looking forward we are helping him to learn job skills and gain further work experience.

We are also helping him learn music and move toward his goals in that. He has been independently producing music for several years now and has his own podcast called House Trance Worship.

As always, your continued prayers and support are much appreciated!

Thanks be to Jesus! God still does miracles!

~ The Papa