Woah!  The Mama and I had a great time at Star Wars Celebration 3!  Being so young we decided Harris would remain behind for the 4 day event.  The many hours of just waiting in lines for the shows and features just isn’t quite what an energetic 5 year old can handle.  Speaking of long long times, 4 days is the longest we’ve ever been away from Harris.  As many can imagine that can be a challenge for parents of a young one.  But have no fear!  Grandma and Grandpa S were up to the challenge.

As with tradition the returning parents must bring a gift.  One of my long waits yielded the exclusive Celebration 3 Collectable Darth Vader Action Figures.

C3 Souvenir

Harris Loves it!  Mainly because it talks.

C3 Darth Vader


Heres one of the things Harris hears when he presses the talk button Dark-Slide_1


And heres Harris repeating what he hears Dark-Slide_2


Actually Harris was saying “Dark-Side” until I prompted him otherwise… hehe, I can’t have my son turning to the Dark-Side now, that just would be irresponsible of me to encourage such behavior.  Since Harris likes to slide so much it was easy to nip this bad behavior in the bud.

catcha later, The Papa