Amazing to think that Harris is almost 14 now! He’s 4′ 11 1/4″ and 92 lbs. I remember when this website was updated every day because every day was a milestone and a fight just to breathe. Now the updates are sporadic as life has become more relaxed.

We still have challenges and Harris still has many more milestones down the road. Now it’s nice to feel more like an ordinary parent. A big question you may have, “Is Harris normal?” Definitely not! I’m not sure why I ever thought Harris might be normal, when I never really considered myself to be normal. Ok, so maybe that’s not quite what you were getting at. He still has some developmental delays and some quirks that trace back to prematurity. For the most part his challenges are catching up academically and socially. In this chapter of his life he has finished his specialized public education and moved on to intensive home school education in preparation for college and advanced learning. We are excited to see what God has in store for Harris in the many years to come.

God still does miracles! Harris is a testament to that every day.

As always, thanks for your continued prayers and support!