Harris is now 7 years old and we were so blessed to be able to give him the Party of his dreams.  When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he didn’t ask for a single present…..he asked for a Birthday Party with friends and family.

I was able to find a wonderful person to come and play the bagpipes for him, our favorite restaurant gave us a room (which they decorated) for the party, and family from Wisconsin were able to come and celebrate with us.


We brought in Harris’ snare drum so that he could accompany the bagpipe player and he was simply too star struck to play very much.  He played a bit but really just stared at her while she played.  He was sooo excited to have the bagpipe music there.

Harris, his Papa, his cousin Korben, and his Aunties from Wisconsin all wore kilts with the McNeil Tartan to the party.  Talk about a multi-cultural experience a Scottish Themed birthday party in the back room of a Chinese Restaurant!  Gotta laugh at that!