‘Surprised’ is the common word…
‘Miracle of God’ is our word!


Today we had a family outing that ended with Harris and I having to go to the store to get some fruit for The Papa.  I was not aware that God in His mercy was setting us up for a blessing in regards to Harris…..

We walked around naming fruits and when we came to the Pears Harris grabbed one and wanted to bite it.  I remained calm and told him that we would take it home and wash it first.  I peeled the skin off of part of the pear and well here is what he did…

Pear Eating Boy! Praise Jesus!

Trying to bite into a pear with no front teeth!


Then we switched to using the spoon and he ate about 8 bites of fresh pear!  Even tried chewing (after he swallowed).


Just a bit of concern on his face.


We are so excited that, as Papa put it, Harris is listening to the angel who has been whispering in his ear to eat food.  This has been a blessed weekend in so many ways and this event is the “Cream on Top!”