Well now, Harris has all this intrest in all things musical but will he draw and color?


His teachers say that he doesn’t really show an intrest in coloring.  I admit I am a bit disappointed at this but he does enjoy letters and reading.  Normally my son likes to bring me books to read to him.  The other day a was working on a masterpiece he came over and started reading a Nemo book to me.  Amazing!  Reading with comprehension is good stuff.


So back to this difficulty I have with lack of coloring interest.  I had an epiphany, if we can get Harris to learn by using something he likes such as music…  So I started to think, how can I get Harris into coloring?  He likes Bagpipes and all things Scottish… and so I found a bagpiping teddy bear and suddenly Harris is VERY interested in coloring.


Here’s a couple of Harris’ works 😉

Complements of bears.co.nz

Heilan Coo

So now he’s off to a good start.  Notice both pages have carefully traced lettered titles on them.


catcha later, the Papa