Hey friends and family,
Just wanted to send out a note about how well our boy is doing.  He is beginning to do more speaking than just making sounds.  He is speaking more often in complete sentences and is growing taller if not wider.  He is about 43 inches tall and still hovers between 29-32 pounds.  He is healthy other than being underweight.  He is still eating mainly smooth foods but we have been able to try more textures and he will eat the gerbers tiny flakes cereal (similar to rice krispies) so that is major progress!
He is praying every night and asks Jesus to bless family members by name and sometimes it is a long list!  He is still loving the piano and guitar and singing.  He sings words more often now and that is great.  Anyway, I could go on and on but will end it this way:
Jesus is still continuing to bring healing to Harris in every area of his development.
Jesus is still Lord of our lives.
Jesus is Faithful to our family.
I pray that anyone who reads this and doesn’t know Him, Jesus, personally as
your savior will take the time to read this page: How We Made It
~The Mama