2005 is a wrap!  Lots of great stuff happened and lots of crazy stuff as well.  I wouldn’t trade any of it.  We are stronger and blessed for going through the trials and we cherish it all as a precious gift from God.

There’s so much ahead for 2006.  One of the top things I can think of is that Harris turns 6 years old the end of March.  He is growing taller every day.  Not too long ago he reached 40 inches tall.  Now he’s serious about feeding himself and no more baby bottles this year!

Harris is into numbers and reading all kinds of words.  Yesterday he was trying to write out “Michigan” because he saw it posted some where.  Reading books and music are his two top intrests at this time.

It’s awesome to see what a wonderful boy he is turning out to be.

God bless you this New Year of our Lord Jesus Christ, two thousand and six!

catcha later, ~the Papa~